Over the last 30 years, the volume of nanotechnology research has grown exponentially. The scientific world is opening it eyes to the rapidly expanding list of disruptive commercial applications.

Nanogeoscience is lesser known field of nanotechnology research, which is the study of the natural occurance of nanoparticles in the earths crust. At AuRER, we are combining knowledge from the field of Nanogeoscience with our proprietary technologies to specifically study the potential of metals, present in the earth’s crust at nanoscale.

AuRER’s team of five leading scientists have each spent decades studying a range of scientific diciplines including metallurgy, chemical engineering, nanotechnology and the unique patterns and behaviours of naturally occurring metal nanoparticles.

This is an exciting new world, which has the capacity to revolutionise our understanding of the geological origin of metal deposits and to contribute significantly to future metal production.